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Albums on the spin : APRIL

What are we listening to? What’s consuming our conversations at work? Does anyone care? Maybe …

Here is a taste for those wanting to sink some teeth into new and old stuff.

Matt at Blackburn

Artist: Deafheaven
Album: Sunbather

A recurring spin for me.

It’s high energy and fast while being entrancing and atmospheric. Huge reverbs and black metal singing make for a great contrast.

Saw them play in Melbourne again recently so it’s getting another thrash.


Shaun at Camberwell

Artist: Quantum Milkshake
Album: Determination

A collective of local Melbourne musicians, this is a true transcendence of style, blurring game soundtrack, disco, funk, house, improvised and composed music. This is an album packed with energy from start to finish. Keep an eye out for Mr.Kapow which is the composer and band leader’s DJ project. Crazy.

quantum milkshake

Ronnie at Blackburn

Artist: The Brothers Landreth
Album: Undercover Bros

They do a Beatles cover on the album and they’ve got some great guitar tones.

After a bit of research I found out they were using Gold Foil Pickups which blew my mind considering how smooth their guitars sound.


Tim at Camberwell

Artist: Magic Circle
Album: Departed Souls

For those into early career Sabbath. Double tracked vocals. Sludgy, loose but oh-so-clever guitar riffage with old school tones. Bit of a slower, doomier affair compared to their last couple of records. A slow constant head bang of a record.



We’d love to know what you’re listening too. What should we play in store? Feel free to comment below.

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