Yamaha U30A Upright Piano, Second-Hand

Yamaha U30A Upright Piano, Second-Hand

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This Yamaha Piano U30A Fully made in Japan. 
Music Junction boasts a gold standard 5 point quality guarantee on all our second hand pianos . 

This covers the following areas:

Pin block: We guarantee our pianos will be tunable for the life of this warranty and in most cases longer.

Action: Each key has been checked and adjusted to ensure maximum key response.

Soundboard: The soundboards on our pianos are intact with no cracks or water damage ensuring maximum resonance.

Hammers: Each hammer has been checked and voiced to ensure a clear balanced tone.

Cabinet: Each cabinet has been re-polished to an as-new mirror finish.  

Yamaha U30A 日本原装进口。本店所售二手钢琴均享有10年保修,并拥有我们的5个黄金标准质量保证,标准如下:







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