Klier #160 Violin Bow

Klier #160 Violin Bow

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Produced by: Otto Jos Klier, founded in 1887

Location: Forcheim, Germany

Website: http://www.otto-jos-klier.de/

Suitable for: Advancing and intermediate level players.


From their Website:

You will only receive original instruments manufactured in the workshop of Otto Jos. Klier Company. All instruments crafted by experienced and skilled violinmakers. The tonewoods used for this instrument have been carefully chosen from long aged timbers. The varnish is made from an old traditional formula wich is over 100 years old and consists of natural resins.


Notes on Klier Bows:

Klier bows are generally more rigid and strong with less flexibility than Seifert bows in the same price range.  This means they are well paired with mellow instruments to draw out a louder sound.  Players with a "shy" right arm should consider Klier as they will achieve a more forceful drive.

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