Analog vs Digital Delay. What's best?

Posted by Tim Fogarty on

With two types of delay pedal options, which one do you need?

Analog Delays are typically warmer and darker in their trails and repeats. Offering up feel and tone placed in either the effects loop or in front. Analog Delay usually relies on a bucket brigade device (BBD) Some great examples of pedals available that you can wrap your ears around are the Boss DM-2W Waza Craft Delay and the seen everywhere, MXR Carbon Copy Delay.

Though providing warmth and desirable tone, the BBD does often limit the maximum delay times available.


Digital Delay pedals can offer much more variation and control depending on what the builder is aiming for. The DSP Chips used can be tailored to be as clean, coloured, long or short as required. With flexibility to the point when some are Midi Controllable with preset options and offering precision delay time control, the Digital option may well suit those wanting to integrate echoes into their existing setup and have every aspect perfect. Some terrific and common digital delay pedal options you may see around are the TC Electronic Flashback Delay and the very popular DD500 from Boss.

Both Analog and Digital Delays have their particular strengths, often finding their place on the same pedal board! Use your ears and hopefully loaded with a little information you can find the one (or two) to suit your tone intentions.

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