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Posted by Tim Fogarty on

With a heap of super cool new guitar model announcements the day of our arrival we were pumped to meet up with the lads from Chapman Guitars and get our eyes and ears well toasted. Having worked closely with this crew for a few years now it was like catching up with longtime mates. With a great hang and some damn good new guitars. Always a pleasure.

The announcement was a fat one, with 4 new Rabea signature models. 2 top of the line Pro's. Totally tweaked out, including Bea's signature Barenuckle pickup and figured tops to die for. Rounding out the 4 is 2 new standard series from Bea. With a baritone and a standard scale length. These will absolutely go off. Not to glance over the other hefty announcement. 3 x new Rob Scallon signature guitars. With a new aesthetic, a floyd rose on the 6 string and of course the new 7 and 8 strings. We loved the old models but there is something about the colours on this new release that is screaming 'danger! it's getting loud and fast'

Lastly but maybe most interestingly the ML1 10 year anniversary has come around. (congrats guys!) To celebrate, in production for this year only is the ML1 Anniversary model. A gorgeous and classy affair with a Seymour Duncan HSS configuration and no holds barred on the wood selection. Surely to be a sought after axe. Get in touch with us at with any questions or to get a pre order in on any of these coming models we'll see mid year.


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