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The ukulele, with its four strings, light weight body and addictive sound, makes for a great instrument to learn. With only a few chords, you have hundreds of songs at your disposal. From traditional tunes and nursery rhymes, through to modern day pop songs, the ukulele is easy and fun.

With some very cheap options out there, consider investing more than the most basic model to truly get an instrument that holds tune and sounds great. And one that will lead to years of enjoyment.


What size do I get?

There are three main standard ukulele tuning sizes (soprano, concert and tenor) and they all offer their own benefits, tone and drawbacks.

SOPRANO Ukuleles

This is most popular size and seen as tonally the most consistent to what people may hear a ukulele to be in their head. It's the smallest of the three, and is easy to navigate with chords up to 12-15 frets. A great beginner uke, particularly for those with smaller hands.

CONCERT Ukuleles

The next size up is the concert ukulele. With a louder, deeper sound, yet still not differing too much from the expected ukulele sound, the concert uke may offer more versatility than a soprano. A great option for beginners with larger hands as the frets are a little wider.

TENOR Ukuleles

The largest of the three is the tenor. This size is becoming the most popular with professionals. It offers more fingerboard room for experimenting higher up the neck and the most dynamic sounding. It's often not the sound beginners may associate with ukulele, but a beautiful sound all the same.

Beginners will likely be attracted to the easy-to-play nature and fun sound of the soprano and concerts. Those that have spent some time on the ukulele already will certainly appreciate the ability to experiment more on the tenor.

We hope this makes the decision easier. Know that whatever size you choose, a heap of fun awaits!

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